LeapFrog LeapPad: Free Pet Shampoo and Treats for Pet Pad App

December 26, 2011

If your little one got a LeapPad this year and they have the Pet Pad App, for a limited time you can download FREE Pet Treats and FREE Pet Shampoo daily (one of each treat and 5 Shampoos). Just head to the LeapFrog Connect (you should’ve downloaded it on your computer) and click on Rewards. Note-you don’t have to connect your LeappPad daily, but be sure to download the free rewards to your computer every day so you don’t miss out.

Normally you have to exchange points to buy treats and shampoo, and there’s nothing worse than when you’re out and about and your little one’s pet runs out of food or shampoo. So stock up now while they’re free!

Plus, the FREE LeapPad App Alphabet Stew is still available.

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