Ebates: Get Paid to Shop

December 12, 2011

Ebates = Free Money.  Get paid to shop!

There’s no question, we LOVE Ebates.  Why? It’s simple! Not only do you get paid cash back just for shopping online, but you can often find coupon codes too!

Plus, the first time you sign up you can either choose a FREE $5 credit or a $10 gift certificate to a number of stores.

How Does It Work?

1. Sign up for an Ebates account.

2. Head to Ebates first each time you shop and search for your desired store (Don’t forget to look for coupon codes to save even more).

3. Click and you’ll get bates will redirect you to the store’s regular website.

4. Purchase your items as normal.

5. Get a percentage of your purchase back each quarter!

Getting Cash Back

When your purchase is complete your cash back percentage will be added to your account in 1-2 business days.  Ebates will give you cash in the form of a check or add it to your Paypal account quarterly on the following dates:

Jan 1 – Mar 1 purchases paid May 15

Apr 1 – June 1 purchases paid Aug 15

July 1 – Sept 30 purchases paid Nov 15

Oct 1 – Dec 31 purchases paid Feb 15

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