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by CABM | June 9, 2011 11:24 pm

Sign up for the CVS Extra Care program at your local store and earn Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) for certain purchases. Be sure to register your Extra Care Card (ECC) and email address at CVS.

Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) are CVS Bucks that you can spend on future CVS purchases that print at the bottom of your receipt.

How it Works

Each week the CVS circular will feature deals that will earn you ECBs if you purchase certain items.

Example 1–Item Free After ECBs
Buy Crest Toothpaste for $3.29, get back $3.29 in ECBs.
Out of Pocket (OOP) cost is $3.29
Total cost after ECBs is free!

Example 2–Cheap After ECBs
Buy $20 worth of John Frieda Products, get $10 in ECBs.
Buy 3 shampoo/conditioner @$6.99 = $20.97
OOP Cost is $20.97
Total Cost after ECBs is $10.97

Using Coupons with ECB deals
When a deal says you must spend a certain amount, coupons do not count against you.
Using the example above, buy $20 worth of John Frieda Products, get $10 in ECBs.

Buy 3 shampoo/conditioner @$6.99 = $20.97
Use 3 coupons for $3/1
OOP cost is now just $11.97
Total Cost after ECBS is $1.97 for 3 items!

“Rolling” ECBs
You can use ECBs immediately after your first transaction and roll them into your next purchase.

Using Example 1, pay $3.29 OOP in the first transaction. Buy a second toothpaste for $3.29 and use your ECBs so your OOP cost is $0** (Note that ECBs do not count toward tax so your total may be higher). You will also get back $3.29 in ECBs!

Rolling Tip: Splitting your order in two is one thing, but ringing up each item individually and rolling the ECBs will become confusing and annoy the cashier and the people in line behind you.

How to CVS Like a Pro (Over Very Best Tips):
1. CVS deals run Sunday to Saturday. We like to go on Sundays so the items are in stock.

CRT Machine

2. Look for the CVS Coupon Machine (also called the CRT machine) near the front of the store and scan your ECC twice (sometimes it will print you multiple CRTs).

3. In store, ECB eligible items should have a hang tag with the deal on the shelf. If you don’t see it, check the circular to be sure you have the correct product (pay attention to size) or ask an associate for assistance. If your ECBs don’t print or the price is wrong, the cashier can manually correct the error.

4. Every 3 months you will get ECBs equivalent to 2% of your past purchases. You can get this at the CRT machine, at or at the bottom of your receipt.

5. You will not get change from ECBs. If your total is $4 and you use $5 in ECBs, you lose that $1.

6. Ask your store if they accept expired ECBs.

7. Don’t keep more than $20 in ECBs at a time to prevent expired ECBs.

8. Manage your Extra Care rewards online by going to CVS and logging in with your ECC. If you lose your ECBs, you can reprint them here!!

9. Check whether there is a limit on the deal you are doing–you can do some deals more than once.

10. Sign up for the CVS Beauty Club and get a coupon for 10% off your first purchase and $5 ECBs for every $50 spent on beauty items.

11. For more information, check out CVS FAQs.

Green Tag

How to Earn Even More ECBs
1. Buy a CVS green tag for $.99 and attach to a bag (reusable or plastic) and receive $1 in ECBs every 4th visit! Just buy one because you can only scan one card per day per visit per order.

*Some stores offer a free CVS green tag when you purchase a reusable CVS bag (starting at $1.99) Ask an associate if this deal is available at your store.

2. Fill your prescriptions at CVS and get $1 ECB for every two prescriptions filled.

3. Check your email–CVS sends out coupons almost weekly with offers such as 25% off your next order or $5 off a $20 purchase.

4. Like CVS and CVS Beauty Club on Facebook for extra deals.

Need to see it? CVS Extra Care Video

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