Coupon Organization

by CABM | August 15, 2011 11:16 pm

There are countless ways to organize your coupons, and we have tried them all. After some serious trial and error, we are firmly in the file box/insert camp.

The File Box/Insert method is simple and quick–Keep a file box(that’s Jessica’s actual file box above) with hanging files and have one folder per Sunday insert (sharpie the date on the front of each insert). We also keep folders for printables, loose coupons and local store coupons/magazines.

Each week we print our list for CVS or ShopRite, grab the insert date referenced and clip! (ex: list says the coupon can be found in the SS 4/03–grab the Smart Source from April 3). That’s it!

Printable Coupons–Printable coupons pop up and disappear quickly, so we print printables as soon as they appear, store them in a folder uncut, then look through them when putting our list together.

Plastic Envelopes–We keep separate plastic envelopes for our grocery store and CVS coupons where we keep coupons for that week’s trip, catalinas, rain checks and ECBs–all ready for our next trip.

Clip Coupons For Items You Always Buy, Sale or Not–If there’s an item we always buy, sale or no sale, we will clip that coupon and store it in our grocery or drug store plastic envelope–try to limit the number of these or you will need a binder at some point–unless you want a binder :)

Pros and Cons– The pros to the File Box method are saving time and avoiding piles of coupons everywhere. The cons are missing out on deals you spot while out shopping because you don’t have that coupon.

A note on Coupon Binders –Some people love clipping every coupon they might use and organizing them into binders. There were many times we’d score great deals at the store because we had a coupon for an unplanned sale, but for us, it became very time consuming, not only to clip, but to keep organized (and we’d throw out tons of expired coupons). If you want to use a binder, we recommend this Five Star Zippable Binder–we have it in pink (to keep you coupons in) and these awesome coupon sleeves.

We hope you found this helpful. Please send us an email at couponsarebeneathme (at) gmail (dot) com or leave a comment to let us know your best coupon organization tips!

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